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The following models of iPhone smartphones will receive improved signal reception

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

The following smartphone models iPhones to get better signal reception

Apple 's iPhone antenna game is about to get a facelift, and a new chip maker is joining the party. According to a supply chain report, UMC has been contracted to produce key chips for Apple's future iPhones. These chips will be integrated into the design of the new antenna modules of theiPhone, and production is gradually ramping up.

Anokiwave was recently acquired by power amplifier company Qorvo Apple

The chips in question come from Anokiwave, a wireless chip maker recently acquired by Qorvo, a supplier of power amplifiers to Apple. Qorvo develops new iPhone antenna components and uses Anokiwave technology. Notably, these new chips use UMC's 3DIC technology, making UMC a key player in this iPhone antenna upgrade.

Industry sources suggest that Apple is adopting this new design strategy to increase efficiency and improve reception capabilities in its iPhones the next generation. The move coincides with the growing integration of artificial intelligence functionality into smartphones, where strong and reliable connections are critical.

This isn't UMC's first rodeo with Apple components. They used to make driver chips for Apple through NovaTek. With this new contract, UMC has secured another order for critical iPhone components, underscoring the importance of its role in Apple's supply chain.

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