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Alert in the 17th this Tuesday April 23 for a full-scale test. Your phone will ring!

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

 Alert in the 17th this Tuesday April 23 for a full-scale test. Your TV phone will ring!

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Residents of the 17edistrict of Paris may be surprised this Tuesday to hear their cell phone emit an alert ringtone. The Paris prefecture reassures in advance on this point, ensuring that this is only a simple test, the third full-scale of the “FR-Alerte” information system. This alert system, developed by the Ministry of the Interior, would inform the French in real time in the event of danger. This will be set up in the capital at the time of the Olympic Games.  

So, the people present in the 17th arrondissement of Paris will this time be the recipients of this alert message. Only people living in the Epinettes and Porte de Clichy districts will not be targeted by the system. The alert will be made during the midday time slot, which the prefecture designates as “a notification accompanied by a specific sound signal”. The silent mode of the phone will not cut it. Furthermore, it is also possible that people departing or arriving at Gare Saint-Lazare will be affected by this message.  

 Alert in the 17th this Tuesday, April 23 for a full-scale test. Your phone will ring !

Through these test devices, the prefecture explains that it wants to raise awareness of this new alert mode as well as provide information on the behavior to adopt in the event of a real alert. So, there is no need to call 17 or the police, no action is required following this sending.  

After receiving this message, the recipients will be able to respond to an online questionnaire. This use would ultimately make it possible to inform “any person with a mobile phone of their presence in a danger zone in order to inform them of the behaviors to adopt to protect themselves”.  < /p>

This system, the activation of which depends on the prefect, would make it possible to quickly disseminate the security measures to be adopted in the event of major danger. By this we mean natural, industrial or terrorist dangers. In addition, an interactive map is made available on the FR-Alerte website in order to highlight danger zones.  

A device which can still raise questions as to the real use that will be made of it, which could ultimately amplify the feeling of anxiety of those accused. Furthermore, it seems to presuppose tracking of everyone through their phone, which may leave unanswered the question of the management and conservation of personal data.


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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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