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The first joint song of the bands KALUSH, Adam and the artist Balsam and the new track “Last time”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

The first joint song of KALUSH, Adam and artist Balsam and the new track

KALUSH, Adam and Balsam/YouTube

On April 19, the famous Ukrainian band “KALUSH” presented a new song “Ostannii raz”. This time the track was recorded in collaboration with the Ukrainian artists Adam and Balsam.

The track “Ostannii raz” is a romantic song that tells about the feeling of loss, but at the same time it gives hope for new achievements. You can listen to the new track on YouTube.

The composition contains many monologues of the singers and their reflections on love. They also sing about separation and people's feelings.

Yo, we keep making cool collabs, so catch the new track with Adam and Balsam – “One Last Time”. The song recreates the moment before parting, where every word and action takes on a special meaning, showing the loved one its extreme importance. Listen to our first joint track and share your impressions, Oleg Psyuk wrote on Instagram.

The frontman of the band “Adam” also spoke about the first joint project. According to him, he enjoyed the collaboration because the recording of the song was easy and creative.

It was a very interesting collaboration, despite the fact that we had not collaborated before. It was the first time and it was so cool and easy, so creative! Everyone was very strong in their work: the guys who joined, our arranger and sound producer Misha Melkumyan and Maks Kozachenko, our guitarist from “Adam”. We had a kind of men's meeting, where we created the track “Last Time”, which I really like. I hope that you will like it too, – shared the singer.

The song and video “Last time” is already the second composition this year from KALUSH from the favorite section of the band's fans. At the end of February, the band released a joint composition with Marina Krut – “Desyatka”, a lyrical composition about friendship.

The track “Olastnii raz” is already available for listening on all music platforms.

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