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British airlines have their GPS “jammed” in the Baltic, they suspect the Russians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

British airlines are

Tens of thousands of flights to and from Great Britain were affected by suppression of GPS systems, probably from the Russian side .

This is reported by the Sun newspaper, whose journalists together with researchers from the organization analyzed publicly available logbooks.

According to the study, from August 2023 approximately 46,000 aircraft encountered problems with satellite navigation while in the airspace of the Baltic countries bordering Russia.

The GPS satellite system is part of the aircraft's navigation system, and obstacles in the&nbsp they may pose a threat to flight safety. Planes also received false data that forced the crew to deviate from the course to avoid obstacles that did not actually exist, the study said.

In particular, Ryanair, Wizz Airline reported about obstacles on more than 2,300 of their flights Air — at nearly 1,400, British Airways — at 82, and EasyJet — on four.

The only major British airline not affected by GPS suppression was Virgin Atlantic, whose planes do not fly through the region, the study pointed out.

Journalists and researchers concluded that the number of such incidents increased from less than 50 per week last year to more than 350 week in March 2024.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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