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Copyright infringement: The New York Times attacks ChatGPT

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

 Copyright infringement: The New York Times attacks ChatGPT

F. Froger/Z9, for FranceSoir

Convinced that OpenAI fed its artificial intelligence from its articles, the New York Times filed a complaint against the parent company of ChatGPT for violation of Copyright. If the daily does not necessarily plan to go to court, it hopes to obtain a financial agreement.

“Microsoft and OpenAI used our work to develop and market their generative AI products without having permission from the Times,” a spokesperson for the New York Times (NYT) told AFP, believing that it was constitutes a “violation of copyright in terms of content and journalistic work”.

According to the daily, the financial damage represents no less than “several billion dollars”.

That being said, the NYT says it wants to avoid getting into legal confrontation with Microsoft and OpenAI; the idea would rather be to negotiate an agreement allowing “receive adequate compensation for the use of its content”.

As AFP explains, OpenAI has already agreed with the German media group Axel Springer, however the agreement does not concern the use of media content to train its artificial intelligence (AI), but the integration of this content into responses to queries from ChatGPT users.

The New York Times' legal action could therefore open a breach and represent a potential new source of income for the media: in exchange for their articles, which the AI ​​could swallow in quantity, the latter would receive financial compensation. According to the NYT, these benefits could ensure that the quality of journalists' work is maintained.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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