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The Russian Church called the war in Ukraine sacred

Russian People's Cathedral in Kerivnytsia received your Moscow Patriarch Kiril “mandate”, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was called a “holy war” they stated that “the entire territory of current Ukraine may go to the zone of the Russian influx.” reports the website of the Moscow Patriarchate

As the journalists of Radio Liberty write, formally the document of the Patriarchate does not stand a century before the Russian Orthodox Church, however, the work of the cathedral suffers the fate of the anonymous Russian church hierarchies and increasingly them from the church of huge activists.

In the UOC, please inform  In various church circles, such statements were supported.

The document was praised at the hour of the conciliar meeting, which was held on the 27th February in Moscow under the leadership of Patriarch Kirill.

< p>The war in Ukraine in this paper was called “a new stage of the national free struggle of the Russian people against the evil Kiev regime and the collective approach that stands behind it, which is being waged on the lands of Pivdenno-Zakhidnaya Russia,” and from the “spiritual and moral point of view” – "With the Holy War, in which Russia and its people are stealing the united spiritual expanse of Holy Russia, we will end the mission of the "Decreased", which is protecting the light from the onslaught of globalism and victory I’m coming, having fallen into Satanism.”

The document also revealed the concept of “Russian to the world” calling it between the wide borders of the state “both of the Russian Federation and of the great historical Russia.”

The document also talks about “the third day of the Russian people.” and about those that Belarusians and Ukrainians “are no longer recognizable as sub-nationals of Russians.”

“The Ukrainian Orthodox Church does not support or associate itself with the ideology of the “Russian world.” Moreover, the position of our Church before this idea was publicly stated long ago by His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onuphriya: “We will not be any Russian light, we will be God’s light,” – reported to the UOC.

There It seems that the assertion about those who are so called “special military operation” є “holy war”, superemphasize the basic principles of Christian morality.

Metropolitan Evstratiy Zorya, river officer of the autocephalous OCU, after the cathedral near Moscow, wrote on Facebook that “the structure of the Moscow to the patriarchate in Ukraine together with the metropolitan Onuphrium completely denigrates a person who suffers from domestic violence and is unable to break up with the rapist.”

Directly from Evstratiya: “They are afraid of this threat and re-examination, afraid of “leaving the house”, then in go from MP system, to “get lost on the street” – “without canonicity.” The stench is to be afraid of your bonds, lawyers, pennies, pouring in.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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