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In Afghanistan, the Talibi slaughter women with stones for friendship

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar30,2024

In Afghanistan, the Talibi stone women for their friendship

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In Afghanistan, the Talibi slaughter wives with stones for friendship. The envoy to foreign lands stated about this  leader of the Taliban Haibatullah Akhundzad.

In his words, as part of the continuation of the fight against the failing democracy, Afghanistan will officially reintroduce the practice of stoning wives to death for over-lover:

Do you think that it is a violation of the rights of wives if we stone them to death? until death . Soon we will be punished for our friend’s death. We will flog our wives in public. We publicly stone them to death. It’s all about your democracy, let us continue to work. We also say that we are stealing the rights of people – we are the representatives of Allah, and you are the representatives of the devil.

Women's rights organizations in Afghanistan greeted the news with fear, but not with fear. In my opinion, the country has already conceded all the rights of women.

Since the Taliban came to power in 2021, they have confiscated the constitution of Afghanistan, which is supported by the entry, and has been awarded and in accordance with the criminal code, replacing these documents with a harsh interpretation of the fundamentalist laws of Shariah.

In addition, the Talibi began to re-examine the women who worked for the front-line judges and lawyers. Then the Supreme Court of Afghanistan explained that female judges cannot continue to work, because before the arrival of the Taliban, they did not wear the hijab and did not know the laws of Hanafism (one of the schools of Sunni Islam).

P If I come to power in In Afghanistan in 2021, the Talibi banned: men to bare their beards, women to go in for sports, people to listen to music and transport women without a hijab, to change women’s speech by force please see.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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