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Swing at Fico: what is the motive of the attacker

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

Swing at Fico: what is the motive of the attacker

Illustrative photo from the hidden shooters

The Prime Minister of Slovaccini, Robert Fico, is in an important and stable position. This information is provided by Slovakia. In front of the guard, there is a swing on the edge. The attacker was harassed and already hung up – for an attack on the head of the military order, you can get imprisoned for life.

Apparently, 5 shots were fired at the moment when Robert Fico came out after the foreign meeting of the government. They shot at the man in full force.

The politician fell to the ground, and the guards carried him to the car and took him away.

A Swedish aid helicopter took Fico to the nearest hospital, the town of Banska Bystrica. Having said that, we might not have been able to get to Bratislava – the place is 200 kilometers away. And additional help was urgently needed. Every year they report: the politician was kissed at the chest and lives, due to internal bleeding.

The suspect in the attack was detained. This 71-year-old singer and writer Juraj Tsintula. On the contrary, which Fico kissed, the lawful mav allowed.

Swing on Fico : what is the motive of the attacker

Photo: Juraj Tsintula/social media

The police called the attacker for revenge in order to kill the individual, who was buried at the stage of the attempt to kill him. The writing cintuli is threatened with a decrease in willpower within 25 years until death. This is reported by Dennik N.

Vidannya means that the fact that the shooter acted for revenge against a constitutional official, so that the individuals who are being protected will become a tight case, which can result in residual punishment for the death.

The people are taken away from the police ysk chamber of the National Criminal Agency in Nitri.

The hospital, maintained by Fico, is guarded by the police. The Prime Minister of Slovakia is about to undergo another operation, otherwise there may be problems with his face. Pravda reports about this.

According to the information you see, this is the operation on the stitch. It is now reported that the Prime Minister of Slovakia suffered a bleeding in the lower chamber, and then suffered from abscesses. It is important to note that the blood thinning drugs taken by the prime minister can cause problems.

Miriam Lapunikova, director of the hospital, treats Fico, told me that robbed n' a five-year operation through multiple fire injuries, for which two operational teams were needed.

In these words, the Prime Minister’s office is deprived of “effectively even important”, and as before, it stays with specialized intensive care.

BAGNET I guess Robert Fico is a respected pro-Russian politician. In the end of 2023, the Prime Minister was appointed. That’s why they started calling Ukraine “the most corrupt country.” and by denying supplies of armored self-propelled guns, and also by threatening to block assistance to Kiev from the European Union.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

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