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Parfeniuk revealed the name of his future daughter in the new song “Thank you”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar31,2024

Parfeniuk revealed the name of his future daughter in the new song


While online fans are waiting for a post about the birth of the daughter of the star couple Parfeniuk and Simbochka, the artist presents the new track “Thank you”. In the composition, he reveals the name of the future child.

This song has become very personal for the performer, because in it he expresses boundless gratitude to his wife for the most precious gift – the life of his future daughter.

According to the young artist, the song “Thank you” was written during the period when the couple was at a distance.

I wanted to cheer her up and wrote such a “lullaby”. A piece of the song has been floating around the Tik Tok network for a long time, fans often requested this track at concerts. On the eve of childbirth, inspiration came and I decided to add a verse. It turned out very sincerely. I love my little one and “Thank you” to her. And in anticipation of meeting my daughter, so listen to the new song to find out the name of our girl, says Parfeniuk.

The original song sounded a little different, but the verse about parenthood became a very successful addition to the hit. Together with the presentation of the song, the artist released a bright mood video.

Often, this track is called “Borscht”, because of its text part. In the video, I made the coolest borscht because I have one secret ingredient. I think it is the most important in any culinary masterpiece. Watch our video quickly and be the first to know what I added to my dish. MasterChef is resting, Parfeniuk jokingly comments.

The visual component of Parfeniuk's video turned out to be very homey and light, one can feel the sincerity of emotions. You can become a part of the artist's life, as if you could sit with him in his kitchen, fool around and chat. As expected, the main character became the artist's pregnant girlfriend, to whom the song “Thank you” was dedicated.

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