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Yesterday the Ukrainians ruled problems for Orban

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

Yesterday the Ukrainians ruled Orban's problems

In the center of Budapest, tens of thousands of people protested against the rule of Viktor Orban , reported Reuters.

The protest was heartened by lawyer Peter Madyar, who was previously close to order, but has recently fallen asleep in the political collapse, which may be about to throw a cry at Orban.

The protesters marched to parliament and violinated “We are not afraid” and “Orban is at the stand!” power of the land”, – declaring an hour of protest from Madyar.

Madyar became widely known among the fierce, when he made fiery comments about the internal work of the order and called Antal Rogan, the minister who is part of Orban’s office, from the one whose government is centralized propaganda machine .

Madjar, having published a note by Rozmovy Zi with his civa squad with EXMINITYSTISTISTIY YUDIT VARGO, in detail described my senior romantic to the Cabinet Orban to take off on the right. The prosecutor's office is immediately investigating these allegations.

The investigation is being carried out at a politically sensitive hour for Orban ahead of the elections before the European Parliament in the middle, as well as “after the pedophile scandal”, which calls for representations of two key political allies – great presidents Katalin Nowak and Judit Varga.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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