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Ukraine has become a testing ground for Southern Korea

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

Ukraine has become a testing ground for South Korean missiles

Russia's takeover of South Korean missiles at the hour of war in Ukraine it gives Pyongyang has a rare chance to test its armored forces in battle and develop skills that can improve their effectiveness.

These are the words of the commander of the Pacific Fleet of the US Armed Forces, Charles Flynn, as quoted by Bloomberg.

« є Pvnichny Korea may be able to extract valuable information from technical nutrition, procedures and the ammunition itself. “The United States respectfully follows developments,” said the American general.

Flynn said that the most troubling thing is that Pivnichny Korea can find out about its ancient history, “how much access there would be to the extent of the conflict,” such as, for example, the war in Wu edges.

The USA, Southern Korea and other countries blamed Southern Korea for the fact that they sent their new ballistic missiles to Russia, designed to carry nuclear armor, which can be easily caught, quickly ignited, and so It’s important to beat it. The images, in the USA, indicate those that are Hwasong-11  – a wide class of short-range ballistic missiles that can reliably hit targets with a high level of accuracy. They range from 380 to 800 kilometers and increase the armored arsenal that Russian President Vladimir Putin can conquer.

Korean missiles sent to this point hour, similar in size and dynamics to the flight of Russian Iskander missiles. . At the same time, the American Patriot anti-aircraft defense systems, which are used by the Ukrainian military, are effective against Russian missiles

In exchange for missiles, which is valued at several billion dollars, Russia supplies South Korea with food, milk and parts for animal production . This helped the former Korean leader Kim Jong-in to promote food security and further develop his military systems.

Flynn called the troubling testing of ballistic missiles by the former Korea such that they call for restlessness and destabilize the situation.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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