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Writer Serhiy Zhadan announced that he will join the ranks of the National Guard brigade “Charter”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

Writer Serhii Zhadan announced that he will join the ranks of the National Guard brigade

Serhii Zhadan announced that he will become part of the "Charter"/photo from Zhadan's archive

Ukrainian writer, musician and volunteer Serhii Zhadan is preparing for a new stage in his life. He plans to mobilize to the ranks of the National Guard of Ukraine “Charter” brigade.

This became known thanks to the story “Vikon” on the STB channel, which was shown as part of the telethon “Yedini Novyni”.

Zhadan repeatedly visited his subordinate brigade in Luhansk region, not only providing them with assistance, but also expressing his support and sense of responsibility for the fate of Ukraine. During his last visit, he noted:

I think today there are no writers or no writers, musicians or no musicians – there are citizens of Ukraine who feel responsible for their country, and there are citizens who try to avoid this responsibility in one way or another. The army, in principle, equalizes everyone. Because our army is a fairly accurate model of Ukrainian society.

It is no accident that Zhadan decided to join the ranks of the army, expressing his conviction that the army is a mirror of society and a symbol of the unity of the Ukrainian people.

Although the writer himself did not make a direct statement about his intentions to mobilize, journalist Maria Malevska confirmed this information, saying: “Standing here, in the Serebryan forests, the writer admits to me: soon there will be another addition to the brigade. Zhadan and one of his musicians are also joining the army.”

Please note that the day before, the translator, writer and founder of the channel “Your Underground Humanitarian” Ostap Ukrainets joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. He told his friends and followers on Facebook about it.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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