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Google engineer earning $300,000 reveals what he would change about his resume

A successful engineer would change something in his resume/freepik

What makes a successful resume? Sahil Gaba, an engineer from Google with an astronomical salary of $300,000 a year, is interested in this question. He shared his experience and revealed the secrets of his successful resume.

Business Insider reported in more detail. It outlines Sahil Gaba's advice that everyone should adopt.

Gaba's background in India, his pursuit of computer science, and numerous attempts to get a job at tech companies turned into rejections and failures. However, he did not give up, and his persistence brought results – offers from such giants as Amazon, Meta, Uber, and finally Google.

And now, revealing the secrets of his resume, Gaba notes what he would change in his document. Here are the main points.

  • Experience before skills: Early in his career, Gaba focused on his skills. Now he believes that it is more important to indicate work experience.
  • Decreasing the emphasis on education: Although Gaba spent a lot of time and effort to get diplomas, he is convinced that they are not so important in the light his current career.
  • Simplicity of language: Gaba emphasizes the importance of simplicity and comprehensibility in the summary of achievements in the resume, eliminating complex abbreviations and terms.

And while there are certain things he would leave unchanged, such as the hobby section, which he considers important to create a warm atmosphere during the interview.

Gaba's resume – this is an example of how simplicity, an emphasis on experience and an understanding of the employer's goals can help you succeed in your search for a job in the technology industry.

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