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Now it will be in every region: McDonald's will be opened in two more cities of Ukraine

McDonald's will open in Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi/Bochoku

McDonald's continues to expand its horizons in Ukraine, increasing its presence on the market. At the press conference, the general director of McDonald's in Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Yulia Badritdinova, announced the company's plans.

According to her, Forbes reports, they plan to open new restaurants in two cities. They are talking about Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi.

Uzhhorod and Chernivtsi are the only regional centers where there is no McDonald's. We will open there this year,
– Yulia Badritdinova reported.

In total, in 2024, McDonald's plans to open at least six new restaurants throughout Ukraine, including “satellites” of Kyiv. This will be part of the company's strategy to expand its network and increase accessibility for customers.

In 2023, McDonald's invested UAH 1 billion in opening new restaurants and renovating old ones. The company notes that all investments come from the head office, which indicates the great potential of the Ukrainian market.

Now it will be in every region: McDonald's will open in two more cities of Ukraine

McDonald's plans to open at least six establishments by the end of the year/Photo by Brett Jordan

McDonald's chain in Ukraine showed impressive results in 2023, with more than 85 million visits, which is 70% of the previous figures before the war. This once again confirms the popularity and demand for the company's products among Ukrainian consumers.

With the recovery of the economy and the growing interest in fast food, McDonald's decision to expand its presence in the region reflects confidence in the potential of the Ukrainian market and the support of consumers now and in the future.

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