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Wiki Loves Monuments: the photo series of the Jewish cemetery in Deliatyn got better in 2023< /p> Jewish cemetery in Delyatyn/Wiki Loves Monuments

In the photo contest “Wiki Loves Monuments” (Wiki Loves Monuments) for the year 2023, the best series of photos in the special nomination “Jewish Heritage” were the works of military officer Taras Zolotavin with the image of the cemetery in Delyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The list of the best photos was published on the competition website.

Three pictures of Taras Zolotavin were included in the category “Best series”. The author photographed the Jewish cemetery in Delyatyn, which is currently not protected by the state.

The jury noted not only the artistry of the works, but also the detailed documentation – more than 100 photos of the cemetery were uploaded, which before that in wikiprojects were represented by only three photos of Trip Impressions user Iryna, the message says.

According to the members of the jury, Marla and Jay Osborne, this photo shows one of the few surviving Jewish cemeteries in the western part of Ukraine, aging naturally without outside intervention.

The photo illustrates the typical density of burials found in these old cemeteries and the unique style of carving inscriptions and symbols (both primitive and more sophisticated). [The photo] demonstrates the vastness and rarity of this unusual historical site, they said.

Details about the photo:

The author of the series made his debut in the photo contest in 2021. Then he entered the top ten most productive contestants. Taras Zolotavin is currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The man visited the Jewish cemetery in Delyatyn during a trip through the Carpathians. According to him, it was possible to get to the territory of the kirkut thanks to local residents. To protect the cemetery from vandalism and cattle grazing, people surrounded it with a fence.

Wiki Loves Monuments – a photo contest of cultural heritage monuments held in approximately 50 countries of the world by regional branches of the Wikimedia Foundation, including in Ukraine.

The organizers aim to collect photos of all the world's cultural heritage sites and place them on the Wikipedia pages. Participation in the competition is free and open to professional photographers and amateurs. A mandatory condition is the authorship of the presented photos and their uploading during the competition period.

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