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The Russian Investigative Committee reported the arrest of another suspect in the case of the terrorist attack in Crocus

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The Investigative Committee of Russia announced the detention of another suspect in the case of an attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall near Moscow. The agency claims that the detainee participated in a scheme to finance the alleged perpetrators of the attack.

The Investigative Committee reported that it would petition the court for the arrest of a new suspect. No substantive details are provided.

The department also stated that it had received evidence of a connection between the attackers at Crocus City Hall and with Ukrainian nationalists.

"The investigation has confirmed data that the perpetrators of the terrorist attack received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrency from Ukraine, which were used in preparing the crime", – stated in a press release from the Investigative Committee, Radio Liberty reports.

The evidence was allegedly obtained through an examination of the technical equipment seized from the detainees and through an analysis of their financial transactions. The department did not provide any additional information.

BAGNETreminds, the terrorist attack on visitors to Crocus City Hall occurred on the evening of March 22. There were more than 6 thousand people in the building. At least 143 of them died. The Afghan wing of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” announced its involvement. It published a video of the attack filmed from a camera attached to the body of one of the shooters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously announced the Ukrainian trace in the case. From his words it followed that the investigation did not have evidence to support this version. Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that even those around the president do not believe this version. Kyiv denies any involvement in the incident.

After the events of March 22, a criminal case on terrorism was opened in Russia. The Investigative Committee previously reported the detention of 12 suspects. Eight of them are known to have been arrested.

After the Investigative Committee’s report about the Ukrainian trace, US White House National Security Adviser John Kirby commented on the topic. He called the statement "nonsense and propaganda."

"It is clear that the "Islamic State" bears sole responsibility for the horrific attack in Moscow last week"– he said.

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