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What to do if the ATM debited funds, but did not return them

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

How to act if the ATM withdrew funds, but did not return

ATMs have long become an integral part of everyday life. They allow you not to carry large sums in your wallet and get cash quickly if needed. However, as with any technology, they occasionally fail. There are rare cases when, during withdrawal, the device debits money from the client's account, but does not return it. Experts gave advice on how to act in such unfortunate situations. 

This news was reported by the UNIAN publication.

Such advice has become especially appropriate since the blackout schedules were restored in Ukraine. In addition, in the country, from time to time, due to the shortage of electricity, there is a need not only for planned, but also for emergency restrictions of electricity consumers. Thus, the power supply to the ATM can disappear at any moment. 

First of all, if the ATM has not returned the money, you should call the hotline and inform the operator about it. Also, when communicating with the support service, you should submit a request for a refund over the phone. For this, the operator must be informed of the number of the terminal (ATM), the address of its location, the amount to be returned by the device, and the time when the failure occurred. 

The funds will be returned to the citizen's account as soon as the processing of the application and recalculation is completed. money in the terminal. If the ATM failed to return the cash due to a sudden loss of power, the lost funds must be transferred within 15 minutes. you need funds, you should follow a simple algorithm of actions:

  • apply to the bank branch to dispute the transaction;
  • wait for the check to be completed and the money to be returned to the account.
Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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