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What to expect from the iPad Mini 7 tablet in 2024

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

What to expect from the iPad Mini 7 tablet in 2024

While Apple updated the iPad Pro and iPad Air in May, the iPad mini is still in need of an update. Apple last introduced a new iPad mini in September 2021, so it's long overdue for an overhaul.

Apple is rumored to be updating its smallest tablet in 2024, and this guide covers all the rumors we've heard about the device so far.

Display and design

We don't have heard rumors of design changes for the iPad mini, which means it will most likely have the same 8.3-inch size and full-screen design. The current iPad mini has a Touch ID power button, which we also expect in the new model.

According to 2023 rumors, Apple will make small changes to the iPad mini's display to reduce “jelly scrolling”. The screen will be rotated, which should reduce the effect when using the iPad mini in portrait orientation.

Jelly scrolling means a noticeable lag when scrolling vertically through a text context, such as a web page. Each line seems to slope down to the left side of the screen as it passes, making it appear as if one side of the display is responding faster. Apple says this is normal behavior for iPad LCDs, but the company still wants to make changes to minimize the effect.

A-series chip

The iPad Pro and iPad Air have M-series chips, but we don't expect the iPad mini to get a Mac chip this year. Instead, Apple will likely switch to the A17 Pro, which was used in the iPhone 15 Pro models, or some other variant of the A17.

It's also possible that the iPad mini will get an A18 chip if it comes after the iPhone lineup 16, as rumors suggest the iPhone 16 models will have A18 family chips.

With the A17 Pro or better, the iPad mini will be on par with or faster than the iPhone 15 Pro models, but it won't have the speed of the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Apple updates iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 with a focus on artificial intelligence, so powerful chips are a must for future devices.

New colors

The iPad mini is currently available in space gray, star , pink and purple colors. Apple often updates the color scheme with updates, so new colors are quite possible. With the iPad Air, which often imitates the iPad mini, Apple got rid of the pink color.

If Apple makes the iPad mini available in the same colors as the iPad Air, it could be available in space gray, purple, blue, and starlight.

Front-facing camera

Apple has moved the front-facing camera on the iPad Air to the landscape side of the device, and it can make the same change for the iPad mini. However, it may not make sense to put a front-facing camera on the iPad mini, since it is less often used with a keyboard.

The camera could get HDR 4 support and a wider aperture if it uses the camera used in the iPad Air .


Apple adds Wi-Fi 6E to each product as it updates, and it should be the iPad mini's turn this year. Wi-Fi 6E will allow the iPad mini to connect to a 6GHz Wi-Fi network on supported routers.

Bluetooth 5.3 is also expected as this is another update Apple is making for new devices, and the iPad mini may miss out a slot for nano-SIM cards, since Apple chose eSIM cards.

Apple Pencil Pro

The current iPad mini works with the Apple Pencil 2, so the new model will likely support the Apple Pencil Pro. The Apple Pencil Pro has a squeeze gesture, haptic feedback, a gyroscope to support body tilt, and Find My integration.

Apple Pencil pointing may also be a new feature, as the current iPad mini doesn't support it.

Release Date

Apple will likely release the new iPad mini near the end of the year, most likely in September or October. In some years, Apple has a special October promotion for Mac and iPad, and we can get it in 2024.

The MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and low-cost iPad models can be updated along with the iPad mini in the fall.

Upcoming iPad mini models

Apple is rumored to be working on a foldable iPad mini and OLED display technology for the iPad mini, but neither of these updates are expected in 2024.

< p>OLED, foldable iPad mini or foldable OLED iPad mini – these are technologies not expected until 2026, 2027 or even later.

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