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Sharing useful tips on how to recognize your achievements

How to recognize your achievements/Start Something!

Very often we cannot rationally evaluate our achievements. Someone greatly exaggerates the obtained result, and someone does not see any progress.

Accordingly, our self-esteem and perception of ourselves in the world is formed. Read useful and interesting facts on the “Start Something!” platform.

How to learn to recognize your achievements?

< strong data-entity-type="MessageEntityBold">1. Record your daily routine and track good habits. This will help track the number of completed tasks and encourage regularity. For example, track your daily reading of a book for a year: 5% of a book each day – this is a maximum of 30 minutes per day and 18 books read per year.

2. Keep a success journal. Record your daily achievements, even if they seem small. It can be completing a work project, learning new material, or anything else.

3. Appreciate small steps. Break big tasks into smaller ones and celebrate successes at each stage. This will help you feel appreciated for your efforts.

4. Define your own life values. Think about what is important to you, what makes your eyes light up. Accomplishing something that aligns with your values ​​is easier to acknowledge.

5. Set realistic expectations. The more realistic the goal, the more likely you will be able to achieve it, procrastinate less and recognize your own success more confidently.

6. Find your “tribe”. Environment of supportive and inspiring people (i.e. people with similar interests and values) will help you see and recognize your own achievements.

7 . Remember: error – this is a lesson. Errors – an inevitable part of learning. Thanks to a mistake, we gain invaluable experience that will help us not to step on the same rake in the future.

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