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Ukrainians won the Oscar for the first time this year: who won the award before

Varvara Karynska

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences introduced a separate “Oscar” for the best costume design in 1949. The first person to receive it was Varvara Karynska, a native of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

This year, Ukraine won the first ever “Oscar” for a documentary film, but this award is not a debut for Ukrainians. Read about a woman who won international praise in Radio Maximum's material.

Varvara Karynska was awarded the highest film award – “Oscar” and was twice nominated for it. In 1948, she received Hollywood's highest award for costume design for the film “Joan of Arc” (USA) and in 1952 for the ballet film “Hans Christian Andersen”. trials that hardened her and strengthened her desire to create. She always aspired to creativity and even in the most difficult times she did not betray herself and her talent. After all, this was the meaning of her life and the greatest pleasure. She lived a rich 97 years…

It is not the first time Ukrainians have won the "Oscar" this year: who won the award before

George Balanchine and Varvara Karynska

The people of Kharkiv remember the outstanding native: the city has a commemorative plaque on her family's house, a street named after her, and the Varvara Karynska Foundation. In 2004, the International Festival of Fashion and Theater Costume named after her was founded.

The creative path of the Ukrainian woman began at Kharkiv University. Working with great masters such as Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall, Karinska created sophisticated images. In particular, she made a kind of revolution in ballet fashion. In the United States, she was called the “Shakespeare of the costume” because half of the success of any play depended on her. .png” alt=”Ukrainians won the Oscar for the first time this year: who won the award before” />

The dress was created by Varvara Karynska

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