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“Voices Are Rising”: Okean Elsa released the first English-language song in the band's history

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar23,2024


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The band “Ocean Elsa”, led by frontman Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, presented the first English-language song “Voices Are Rising”. It was included in the first English-language album of the group.

The legendary Ukrainian band Okean Elsa started a new page of their work. He premiered the first English-language track in the history of the group. The network has already appreciated the new sound.

On March 22, the day of the premiere of the track “Voices Are Rising”, the Russian occupiers massively shelled Ukraine. The invaders launched a combined attack with missiles and drones. Critical infrastructure has been affected – in some cities there are problems with electricity and water supply. The enemy used 151 means of air attack against Ukraine.

So the band decided to abandon “big texts, stories and press releases”.

Our new musical story. Voices Are Rising is the first song from our first English-language album. There should be long texts and stories here. But today we want you to just listen to the song and, most importantly, remember that the light will always overcome the darkness, the message says.

The musicians added that our Ukrainian voices have already been made possible thanks to those who protects, restores, carries its light. Maximum support for our energy workers today.

Network reaction :

  • “Not just a like, but immediately in the favorites. A wonderful song, Svyatoslav sings very beautifully in English”
  • “What a powerful track. He sings with his soul – sincerely and beautifully! Thank you “
  • “Thank you! This is a new level! This is a class! This is a competitive Ukrainian English-language song!”
  • “Another masterpiece of my favorite Okean Elsa”
  • “Beautiful song , voices are rising, glory to Ukraine”

It should be noted that a week ago the leader of “OE” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk addressed his supporters and announced that he was preparing to release a new album in English. In addition, for its 30th anniversary this autumn, “Ocean Elzy” presents a new album in Ukrainian – the first since 2016.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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