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Venom 3: first trailer for the latest film about Spider-man's sworn enemy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Expected in five months,Venom: The Last Dance unveils its first trailer. Will the last opus of the trilogy succeed? make us forget two previous, much discussed feature films?

Venom 3: first trailer for the last one film about Spider-man's archenemy

Venom 3to save Sony's Spider-Man Universe?

Can't wait for the end of Sony's Spider-Man Universe? The developed universe by Sony in collaboration with Marvel around the universe of Spider-Man will never have succeeded in achieving this. stand tall against the DCU (which has not been reassured either) and even less against the MCU. 

This universe set up in 2018 with the first Venomcontinues its descent into hell. After two very mediocre opuses centered on on Spider-man's number 1 enemy, a vapid Morbius and a skilled Madame Web. purge, the studios are now looking at Kraven: The Hunter, which was released in 2015. rejected à Christmas, thenVenom 3, or Venom: The Last Dance.  

Venom 3: first trailer for the latest film about Spider's sworn enemy man

a first trailer for venom: the last dance

The film carried by Tom Hardy will indeed be the last of the license, as its title indicates. It was the boss of Sony Pictures, Tim Rothman, who announced the news, before confiding that: “The third and final Venom is going to be huge!”.

While waiting for its release on October 25, Kelly's film Marcel has just revealed himself with a first fresh trailer. A long trailer of more than three minutes in which we see Eddie Brock more in harmony with his symbiote. À During several sequences, the two souls try to communicate, which gives rise to several very humorous passages. The film also seems to contain a lot if we refer to the images presented by Sony. We'll let you judge for yourself.

No Young Peter Parker à the horizon. Rumors suggested that Venom crossed paths with the then-aged child. 10 years old. We will have to wait for its theatrical release before knowing for certain.

Despite; Although there were major flaws, the first two parts had managed to achieve this. to do well, with $856.1 million worldwide for the first, and more than $500 million at the box office forVenom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021. That’s more than enough to continue the franchise.

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