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Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains of Pixar films

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

Created in 1986, Pixar Studios continues to amaze entire generations of viewers. Nemo, Up, Wall-e, Inside Out, there are countless cult films from the studio. Since Toy Story in 1995, Pixar feature films have often been undeniable critical and popular successes. Today, we wanted to focus on the best villains in Pixar films. Here are the 12 most iconic villains from the Pixar franchise:

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains Pixar films

12) Charles f muntz in là-haut

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains of Pixar films

Released in 2009, The Top is undoubtedly one of the most successful Pixar films of all the catalog. Ultra touching, epic, exciting, it is an extraordinary adventure that easily ranks at the top of the basket. On the side bad guys, we can count on the presence of Charles Muntz, a famous adventurer admired by by Carl. Eventually, Carl discovers that his hero has become a deceased fanatic, ready to attack. everything to gain respect from his peers. Muntz tried to to kill Carl, to set fire to his house, mistreats a horde of dogs at home his orders, and even uses firearms. fire. Muntz finally meets his death by falling off a cliff.

11) Chick Hicks in cars

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we ranked the 12 best villains in Pixar films

Beginning in 2006, the Cars trilogyis renowned for being one of the weakest in the Pixar catalog. However, the first film remains a solid piece of entertainment about the evolution of young Flash McQueen. A touching and endearing return to basics that develops the soul of its protagonist. Chick Hicks is one of the antagonists of the film. Opposing rider à Flash during NASCAR races, he's ready to go. all the low blows to win his races. Without being the most dangerous of the Pixar villains, Chick Hicks sometimes even has something endearing. In any case, he is an important character in the trilogy.

10) Hopper in 1001 paws

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains from Pixar films

Released the same year as Ant from DreamWorks, 1001 Paws is a unique film in the Pixar landscape. No sequel, no prequel, no series, a one-shot. Released in 1999 under the direction of John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, it is also a cult film. 1001 paws also owes a lot to this project. his big bad guy, the terrible Hopper. Leader of the locusts,he is a real tyrant. Violent, manipulative, he controls his people through fear. A sort of mirror of Palpatine in Star Wars, Hopper and his grasshoppers travel the valley to take as much food as possible from the ants. Obviously, it is Tilt, our airheaded ant, who will initiate the rebellion.

9) Skinner in ratatouille

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we ranked the 12 best villains in Pixar films

Released in 2007 under under the direction of Brad Bird, Ratatouille has a very particular flavor. The film obviously pays homage to French culture and cuisineTo our greatest delight. If Rémy and Lou make a superb team and produce excellent cuisine, they must however face the wrath of Skinner, their chef. Repulsive, unsympathetic, annoying, Skinner corrupts the art of cooking to make it a mercantile approach. Always at; in the search for money and capitalization, he lost the very essence of the culinary art. Greedy, bitter and miserly, he will do everything to keep his rights to Gusteau's restaurant.

8) AUTO in wall-e

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we ranked the 12 best villains from Pixar films

Parody of HAL 9000 in A Space Odyssey, AUTO is a spinning artificial intelligence. Released in 2008, Wall-e is quite simply one of Pixar's best. AUTO's mission is to prevent humans from returning to Earth. And for that, he is ready to do so. All. Wall-e's Demonic Mirror,he becomes cold, calculating and tyrannical. Quite the opposite! from Wall-e who works for a better Earth and who would love to see humans again on our beautiful blue planet. Two sides of the same coin, two critiques of artificial intelligence, two visions of our future.

7) Anton Ego in ratatouille< /em>

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains Pixar films

At first, this food critic is terribly chilling. Taciturn, closed, derogatory, Anton Ego is renowned for his for being the worst culinary critic. And his influence alone is enough to close a restaurant. The central threat of the film, Anton's trajectory becomes fascinating when he tastes Rémy’s ratatouille. Through a brilliant flashback, the critic returns to his childhood. A touching sequence, full of emotions, which makes Anton a surprisingly endearing character.

6) Lotso in toy story 3

< p>Nemo, Up, Wall-e: we ranked the 12 best villains in Pixar films

At first, this sweet pink bear inspires relative confidence. But very quickly, we sense that something is wrong. Once bathed in love, Lotso was abandoned by his former owner. While he is heartbroken, he is convinced that that humans cannot give affection to toys. His cruelty, his hatred, his remorse, then isolate Woody from the rest of his friends. A tyrannical, disturbing character, who sometimes reminds us of the character of the Governor in The Walking Dead.

5) Sid in the Toy saga Story

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains

This stupid pre-teen is one of the most worrying villains in the Pixar franchise. In the first Toy Story it is an omnipresent and perfectly identified threat. Presented as a toy killer, everything inspires darkness and anguish around this character. Its design, its t-shirt from the Punisher,and when Woody and Buzz show up in his room, it offers a totally cult sequence in which our two heroes come across mutilated toys. Cult!

4) Zurg in toy story and buzz l’éeclair

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains of Pixar films

Iconic villain of the Toy Story saga, Zurg often comes close to the image of Darth Vader, whether aesthetically or thematically. He is a galactic tyrant, whose destiny is closely linked to his life. à that of Buzz Lightyear. Toy Story 2 goes even further by parodying the cult replica of The Empire Strikes Back with a « I am your father» from Zurg to Buzz. Finally, the recent film Buzz Lighthouse will go even further by developing the background of the characterand by revealing his identity. secret. More than Zurg himself, the interest of this villain is his complex and mysterious relationship with Buzz Lightyear.

3) Syndrome in the incredibles

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains Pixar films

A seemingly shoddy villain, Syndrome ultimately turns out to be the great threat to the Incredibles family. Young frustrated teenager, whose dream of becoming a superhero has fallen apart. à water, Syndrome then decides to serve evil. Classic journey of a comic book villain, Syndrome serves to support the permanent homage of The Incredibles to; the world of comics and superheroes. Like Zurg, Syndrome is a villain who serves his story and storyline perfectly.

2) Bruce in Finding Nemo

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we have ranked the 12 best villains Pixar films

Callé like the shark in Jaws, Bruce is apparently a nice shark. In any case, he tries to fight against his carnivore condition by starting a detoxification treatment. But when he smells blood, Bruceloses all control of himself and becomes a thirsty shark again. of fresh flesh. If we don't see much of Bruce in Finding Nemo, his sequence is absolutely Dantesque. Unforgettable action scene, under tension, ultra well paced, which takes the opportunity to pay homage to Shining, is one of the key scenes in Andrew Stanton's film. And then, sharks are always very cool in the cinema!

1) Randall Boggs in Monsters and Company

Némo, La-Haut, Wall-e: we ranked the 12 best villains in Pixar films

His name may not mean anything to you, but we're obviously talking about the chameleon in Monsters, Inc.. A vicious, calculating, manipulative and extremely intelligent villain, he is undoubtedly an emblematic villain from the Pixar stable. His design is brilliant, and his powers are always perfectly used within the story. Voiced by Steve Buscemi, his iconic phrasing and his suave and disturbing voice make him an ultra charismatic antagonist, who largely escapes the usual constraints of the genre. A worthy heir to Kaa in The Jungle Book, Randall Boggs is our favorite villain from the Pixar stable.

Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments who your favorite villains from the Pixar universe are.

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