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Superman: James Gunn shares this never-before-seen image from the set of the highly anticipated film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

While James Gunn recently shared a first image of David Corenswet as Superman, Henry Cavill's replacement in the role of Kryptonian has was able to reveal his impressive physical transformation. Filming is continuing, and new images are reaching us here and there. And there you have it! that this weekend, James Gunn did not miss; to share a never-before-seen image from the filming of Superman.

Superman: James Gunn shares this new image from the set of the highly anticipated film< /p>

a dcu as fresh as a roach

Scheduled for 2025, Supermanmust mark the beginnings of the DCU, a new DC cinematic universe signed by Peter Safran and James Gunn. Faced with failures rehearsal of the DCEU, Warner has decided to to make a discount Complete zero. The films released so far are now a thing of the past, the sheet is completely blank. A way for Warner to start off on the right foot, by offering carte blanche, or almost, to the renowned director who made Marvel shine thanks to his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. 

Superman: James Gunn shares this new image from the set of the highly anticipated film< /p>

In addition to the adventures of Star-Lord, Gunn also distinguished himself in with the shifted version of The Suicide Squad, as well as its spin-off series Peacemaker. For its sequel, it is via a DCU designed for years in advance, like what Marvel can do for its MCU, Gunn and Safran will try to restore the image of DC productions.To open chapter 1 of the DCU, Gunn will count on the most famous Kryptonian in the galaxy: Superman. Scheduled for 2025, the film will be strongly inspired by from the Grant Morrison classic:All Star Superman.

Superman: James Gunn shares this new image from the set of the highly anticipated film

These new incarnations of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively played by David Corenswet, Rachel Brosnahan and Nicholas Hoult, will have the difficult task of launching the DCU.A film that will see Corenswet's Superman attempt to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his Earth family remains to be seen. know what threats will come to spoil his peace of mind. But before discovering the first trailer, filming still needs to be completed.

superman: new image from filming

And for now, the latter is in full swing. Those familiar with Marvel and DC productions know that James Gunn is a bit talkative. The American director regularly discusses with his fans and detractors, regularly publishing photos and anecdotes via his social networks. Recently, it was through his Instagram account that Gunn shared a never-before-seen image from the shoot. We can see the director in good company, with many others. alongside Nathan Fillion, Skyler Gisondo, Christopher McDonald and Mikaela Hoover.

An image that reveals only a little, for a completed shoot. à approximately 50% according to Gunn.Nevertheless, the director reveals himself here alongside Fillion, who will play Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern, and Gisondo, who will take the role of Jimmy Olsen. It is possible that McDonald and Hoover will also make an appearance in the film, it is not excluded that the director will include them through a cameo. But to find out more, unfortunately you will have to be patient.

Superman: James Gunn shares this new image from the set of the highly anticipated film

Superman is still scheduled for July 2025, with particularly high expectations from many fans.And for good reason, the film represents a new chance for the DC cinematic universe to shine. After the many failures of the DCEU, Gunn must succeed here. where his predecessors failed. Otherwise, it is difficult to see the DCU opening a second chapter of its existence. Fingers crossed, Gunn has gotten us used to it. à we have been producing well-made productions for years, let’s hope that this great momentum continues.

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