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Ukrainians have chosen the National Jury at Eurovision 2024

The National Jury has been chosen/Public Broadcasting

In the mobile application “Diya” the survey for the composition of the national jury of Ukraine at “Eurovision-2024” has been completed. More than 235,000 Ukrainians took part in it.

Over the past week, Ukrainians had the opportunity to vote for one of the 10 proposed candidates. This is reported by Suspilne Movlennya.

The five applicants for a place in the National Jury, who received the most votes, will evaluate the performances of performers from other countries in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. According to the rules of the song contest, the composition of the national jury will be announced on May 11, on the day of the grand final.

Whom Ukrainians chose:

  • FIЇNKA– singer, actress and songwriter. Finalist of the national selection for “Eurovision-2023”. A performer who actively popularizes Hutsul culture.
  • Olexii Bondarenko – music columnist, founder and editor-in-chief of the media about the new Ukrainian culture “Lirum”. He has managed the media about Ukrainian culture for over 11 years, during this time he was a contributor to over ten Ukrainian and foreign publications.
  • Olexandr Varenytsia– PR specialist, co-founder of Go West, an agency for the promotion of Ukrainian music on the international market. Three times he was recognized as the best music journalist by Kyiv Music Days and Karabas Live Awards. Worked with Kalush, alyona alyona, ONUKA, O.Torvald (during Eurovision 2017) and other artists.
  • Iryna Horova– a producer with more than 10 years of experience in the creative industry. Founder and CEO of music label POMITNI. In 2020, she entered the list of the most successful women of Ukraine according to Forbes Ukraine.
  • Olena Kolyadenko – head of the Freedom Ballet dance team, producer of the Freedom Jazz and KADNAY bands. A choreographer, she has repeatedly been the director-producer of the performances of Ukrainian artists at Eurovision and major television shows.
  • Max Nagornyak– founder and author of music media Bezodnya Music. Blogger, reviewer of Ukrainian music. Member of the jury of many Ukrainian music awards. The winner of MUZVAR AWARDS 2023 in the category “Music Journalism”.
  • Anna Sviridova – producer and program director of radio stations with 25 years of experience. Professional musician, radio and TV presenter. Member of the expert council of the YUNA national music award.
  • Kostyantyn Tomilchenko– creative producer of television projects “Ukraine has talent”, “X-Factor”, “Mask”. Choreographer and judge of the talent show “Everyone is dancing!”. On several occasions, he was the stage director of the performances of Ukrainian artists at the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Olena Topolya (Alyosha) – singer, composer and songwriter. Representative of Ukraine at Eurovision 2010 in Oslo. The artist has five studio albums and more than 10 prestigious awards to her credit.
  • Yugen Triplov – author and music producer of songs for many Ukrainian artists, including Tina Karol, MONATIK, ZLATA OGNEVICH, Wellboy, Anna Trincher and others. The showrunner of the musical reality show “MULTITREK”.

37 countries will take part in the Eurovision 2024 international song contest. The first semi-final will be held on May 7. Fifteen countries will take part in it. The second semi-final will be held on May 9 and sixteen countries will perform in it.

The final of the competition will be held on May 11 with the participation of 26 countries: 10 countries from each semi-final, the Big Five countries (Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy , Italy and France) and the host country – Sweden.

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