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Jane Eyre's Best Love Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

Quotes about the love of Jane Eyre/Collage Radio MAXIMUM

The talented English writer Charlotte Brontë wrote the novel “Jane Eyre”, named after the main character. Her fate is not easy: the loss of her family, the cruelty of the school, as well as a difficult love. And it is quotes about love that we will devote our attention to.

Here are the best Jane Eyre love quotes. These words are relevant through the years, so they will definitely find a response in every reader. By the way, if you still haven't read “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, then after our selection of quotes, we recommend that you do so!

Jane Eyre Love Quotes

I tried to get out of my soul sprouts of love, I just discovered them. And now, at the very first glance at him, they immediately came to life: green, full of life! He made me love him without even looking my way.


Respect yourself enough not to give all the strength of your soul and heart to someone who does not need them and in whom it would only cause contempt.


< p>I love you deeply, too deeply to flatter you.

Best Jane Eyre love quotes that will touch your soul


Sometimes one word can be more heartwarming than many words.

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Mutual affection seemed to surround us with a golden ring of peace.


I loved him so much! So much that I could not express, so much that there were no words for it.


Give me happiness and I will make you happy.

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Deep excitement, awakened by sadness and love, took over me more and more, rushed outward, demanded its rights, wanted to live, to conquer everything.


I ask you to go through life next to me – to be my second “I” and the best earthly companion.


Every atom of your flesh is as dear to me as mine own: in pain and sickness he will still be dear.


I am not a bird, and no net can catch me; i am a free man with an independent will.

The best Jane Eyre love quotes that will touch the depths of the soul


There is no such happiness as when you are loved by your neighbors and feel that your presence is an addition to theirs comfort.


Wouldn't it be better to give in to temptation, obey the voice of passion and, giving up burdensome efforts and struggles, fall asleep among flowers, in silk tents and wake up in the south of France , in a sumptuous villa, where I might now live as Mr. Rochester's beloved, blissfully enjoying his love – for he would love, oh, yes, he would love me passionately for a while.

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