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Ukrainian women submitted more than 500 applications for the casting show “The Bachelor” with Oleksandr Teren in a day

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

Ukrainian women submitted more than 500 applications for the casting show

Oleksandr Teren/instagram

The hero of the next season of “The Bachelor” will be veteran Oleksandr (Teren) Budko, who lost both legs in the war. Applications from girls to participate in the show are received every two minutes.

This was announced in the official Instagram account of the STB TV channel. The creators of the project noted that more than 500 questionnaires were submitted per day from girls who want to compete for the heart of the main character.

The producers of the “Bachelor” project said that applicants for participation in the 13th season of the reality show crashed the site.

Your applications are dropping every 2 minutes. You crashed our site for 13 minutes. In the first day alone, “The Bachelor” received more than 500 questionnaires, and they continue and continue to come in, the post noted.

In the comments, the audience expressed fears that some of the girls may come to the show for the sake of PR, and not for the sake of love.

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