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Alina Pash and Zbaraski released an intimate musical novel “Never Again”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

Alina Pash and Zbaraski released an intimate musical novella "Never Again"

Alina Pash and Zbaraski

On May 10, Alina Pash and Zbaraski released a joint album called “Nikoly. S4e raz”(Never. Again). This is an rnb-novella devoted to the study of various aspects of the life of artists.

The Lviv musician Zbaraski together with the singer Alina Pash released an album called “Never Again”. It consists of seven incredible compositions.

Most of the album was created back in 2020, when Alina and Ivan (real name Zbaraski) arranged an expedition to Ukraine, during which they wrote music: in the mountains, in Alina's children's room in Bushtyno, in a hotel shower room, and in an old hut in the forest near Yavorov.

In this album, I am calm, without folklore, without adlibs, without Transcarpathian dialect, without trying to outdo myself or surprise anyone. At that time, my great transformation began and I let it run to the full, opening the first page through music and poetry. We are releasing only a quarter of the songs that were written during that period together with Ivan and my ex-boyfriend at the time, Nathan Daisy, who started the process of writing the album, for which we are very grateful. Other songs from the album, I believe, will find their place in the world, perhaps through other artists, – noted Alina Pash.

The title of the album “Nikoly. S4e raz” is a play on the word “never”: can we be sure that something will definitely not happen again? Is “one more time” possible? This meaning is sewn with a thin thread into the new release of the two artists.

I feel that Alina and I made the album 'Nikoly. S4e raz' primarily for myself, to record our history. There is familiarity, frankness, personal, flirting, sex, poetry. These details permeate the space not only with words, but also with music that perfectly emphasizes the mood. I am glad that listeners now have the opportunity to discover Alina and I from other sides, and the archive of Ukrainian music will be replenished with such a picturesque release, – said Zbaraski.

One of the songs, “DjuiceDuet”, is dedicated to the loss that Alina experienced at the age of 13. Then her sister tragically died in a car accident. The pain of this loss forever changed Alina, her worldview, leaving behind a deep mark that lives with her even today.

Natasha Kumar

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