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Ukrainian artist Monatik presented a music video for the song "Eternally dancing man"


The artist presented a large-scale video work “Eternally dancing man”. To participate in the shooting of the video, Monatik attracted dancers from all over Ukraine. The network has already appreciated the incredible clip.

Ukrainian pop artist and composer Monatik presented a new video work to the audience. The video was directed by Julia Pascal. Rate their work on YouTube.

MONATIK intrigued their fans with the release of the intro to the fourth studio album “Eternally Dancing Man”, as well as the teaser of the single of the same name. Especially for this video work, the artist held a casting of dancers, which was attended by hundreds of talents from different parts of Ukraine.

As MONATIK admits, returning to his native dance genre of music is an extremely important stage for him. After all, this is a motivation for the dance industry not to leave Ukraine, but to continue creating right here.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, I lost and hid dances and my love for them deep inside me. Couldn't feel the need for them more. In the second year, two situations appeared that woke them up. The first one is “The Konotop Witch” directed by Ivan Urytskyi at the theater named after Ivan Franko, the second is “Cabaret”, which Olena Kolyadenko and her super-talented team brought to life in Kyiv's “Young Theater”… After watching these performances, I could not calm down the past, which simply brought out the long-closed doors. I remembered that dances are the sun, they give vitamin D, – noted the performer.

Julia Pascal acted as the director of the clip, who admits that since the beginning of their work with MONATIK, they have developed a single vector of understanding of how life comes to life the spirit of the eternally dancing man. Then history began to give birth to symbols (12 signs of the Zodiac).

From the very beginning, we had a common vision – a theater in which the spirit of the eternally dancing person awakens. Dima said that this spirit supposedly slept during the two years of the great war and he felt neither the desire nor the right to create. The war, in addition to pain and tears, brought the understanding that the meaning of life is in life itself, and life is an invaluable gift given to us for creation, for feeling, for living. Dance is art. What we created was conceived as a combination of different types of art. For me, this is not just a video or clip for a cool track, it is the creation of modern Ukrainian culture. And our culture is what we are fighting for now. For the right to the existence of one's own culture, said the performer.

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