Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

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Ukrainian national team player Oleksandr Zinchenko demanded the release of a fan of the national team from a Polish policeman after the victorious Euro 2024 playoff match against Iceland (2:1).

Serhiy Rebrov's team won against the Icelandic national team (2:1) and earned a ticket to the final tournament of Euro-2024. After the final whistle, some fans at the stadium in Wroclaw began to run onto the field, not holding back their joyful emotions.

One of the fans was twisted by a policeman and tried to take him off the field, but Zinchenko wanted to prevent this. The law enforcement officer, apparently, did not listen to the Ukrainian captain's persuasions, and nevertheless brought the violator under the stands. The actions of the captain of the Ukrainian team were appreciated by the fans in the stands.

Cases when the team's fans run en masse onto the field after the team's victory are not uncommon. At the same time, football players' uniforms are sometimes disassembled for souvenirs. The local police are usually tolerant of this.

Ukraine's national team beat the Icelandic team and reached the final part of the European Championship for the fourth time in a row. The team is a constant participant of the tournament, starting from the “home” Euro-2012, where it entered as hosts.

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