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Scholz spoke about his experience of communicating with a Kremlin pensioner

The German Chancellor has not communicated with Putin since December 2022, although before that contacts were more frequent, reports Märkische Allgemeine.

“Our last phone call was in December 2022 – before that we communicated more often,” he said.

A few days before Russia began its full-scale war in February 2022, Scholz visited Putin in Moscow, where they sat at a long table.

"A few days before the war, we spent a very long time talked in person in Moscow. Remember that long table I had to sit at with him because he was worried about the coronavirus? We discussed this for more than four hours,” Scholz recalled.

He added that the decision to end the war is in Putin’s hands.

"Let me say one thing very clearly: peace is possible Anytime. “Putin simply must stop his barbaric campaign and withdraw his troops,” the chancellor said.

Scholz also insisted that his decision not to supply Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine was due to the desire to prevent a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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