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TVORCHI released the song “Shine”, which became the first track from the upcoming album

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

TVORCHI released the song "Shine", which became the first track from the upcoming album< /p> Tvorchi/YouTube

Ukrainian band Tvorchi presented a new song “Shine” and a clip of the same name. The composition became the first track from the upcoming album Planet X, which is scheduled to be released on September 13.

In the futuristic music video for the song “Shine”, the Ukrainian band TVORCHI (Andrii Hutsulyak and Jeffrey Kenny) explore the origins of love Watch the atmospheric video on YouTube.

The main characters of the video are the soloist of the band Geoffrey and the mystical sphere. The interest between them quickly grew into something more, but they are too different to get together. When passion reaches its peak, there is an explosion that gives birth to something completely new.

The song “Shine” is the first episode from our Planet X that we share with listeners. She is like a solar eclipse that causes goosebumps on the body, everything starts with her. Each of the songs of our new album reproduces certain feelings, from those that we have experienced in the last three years. Shine is about the glow inside us, which shows the way when all around is dark, Tvorchi shares.

The track “Shine” opens a new cosmic story of the artists, and the video tells the story of the love between two energies from different worlds. The idea for him was inspired by the Big Bang theory. The video was directed by Ruslan Makhov.

By the way, along with the release of the Tvorchi track, they revealed the tracklist of the upcoming album. It will include 14 songs, three of which are feats with Ukrainian artists: The Hardkiss, Klavdia Petrivna and The Maneken.

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