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The United States does not see how China can play a positive role in ending the war

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

The United States does not see how China can play a positive role in ending the war

In The United States of America commented on the refusal of totalitarian China to participate in the Peace Summit, which will be held in Switzerland.

In particular, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that he does not see how China can play a positive role in ending the war, if it helps Russia restore its defense industrial base. This was reported by the Voice of America.

We have always been clear that China could play a useful diplomatic role in resolving this conflict if it wanted to. But it is now difficult to see how they could play such a role, given the actions China has taken in recent months to rebuild and reconstruct Russia's defense industrial base. Therefore, we will continue to make clear to China that we are against such actions and will hold the organizations involved accountable. We have already heard that our European colleagues plan to do the same,” Miller said.

He also emphasized that the United States supports Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts and expects the Peace Summit to be successful.

“We support the peace summit, we want it to be successful, and that is why you see the Vice President of the United States will be personally present at this summit,” the speaker noted.

He was also asked whether whether US Secretary of State Antony Blinken plans to join the summit.

"I have no reports of planning for this Peace Summit. You have heard the Secretary of State and we here say several times over the past weeks that we will be well represented at this summit,” Miller said.

Vice President Kamala Harris will represent the United States at the peace summit in Switzerland. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will accompany her to the conference.

The participation of Vice President Kamala Harris in the Global Peace Summit, and not President Joseph Biden, does not mean a diminishment of the level of US support for Ukraine. This was stated by John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications of the White House National Security Council.

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Natasha Kumar

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