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This Mycenaean Greek armor reveals its technological prowess

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

It was in 1960 that we discovered proximity from the village of Dendra a 3500 year old armor. When it was discovered, many were eager to discover it. wondering if this armor called armor of Dendra, used by the Mycenaean civilization, was dedicated to combat or simply an armor reserved for the ceremonial ;monies. A team of soldiers has just carried out an experiment and this Mycenaean armor has revealed his exceptional abilities.

This Mycenaean Greek armor reveals its technological prowess

Armor for combat or ceremonial attire?

In 1960, in the village of Dendra, at agrave; just a few kilometers from the town of Mycenae which gave rise to the his name the Mycenaean civilization which lived in southern Greece between -1400 and -1200 BC, we discover an armor that is strange to say the least. Due to its appearance, researchers wonder if it was useful and especially practical for combat on a battlefield or if it was an armor intended for ceremonies strong>. A legitimate question, especially since no historical writing on the Mycenaean battles mentions it.

This Mycenaean Greek armor reveals its technological prowess

So, to try to provide a response to this historical mystery, a study has been carried out carried out in order to determine the true use of this armor. To do this, thirteen soldiers from the Greek army were recruited. Equipped with faithful replicas of Dendra's armor as well as weapons used in the battle. the Bronze Age with the aim of reproducing life-size fights. type=”image/webp”>This Mycenaean Greek armor reveals its technological prowess

Dendra's armor, ideal for combat

The experience took place for almost 11 hours and the combat scenarios were changed. inspired by the writings of Homer, particularly with his work The Iliadwhich relates the events that occurred during the Trojan War. In addition, to be as close as possible to reality, the experience also had planned to take into account the paleoclimatic conditions and the diet of the soldiers of the time.

This mycé nienne reveals its technological prowess


After having reproduced duel fights as well as clashes with tanks and ships, it turned out that the armor in question offered incredible abilities to fight without posing any problems for the warriors. This therefore calls into question the hypothesis that Dendra's armor was simply ceremonial armor. The authors of this experiment point out thatwith this remarkable equipment and the fact that the Mycenaean warriors were considered to be the best equipped at any time. At that time, the latter must have been formidable adversaries during clashes. The study allows us to know more about the war at home. this period in Europe. And if you are interested in History, we invite you to discover these 8 clichés in films about war in the Middle Ages which are in reality completely false.

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