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Jennifer Lopez puts journalist in his place who talks about Ben Affleck

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

In full promotion of her new film, Atlas, actress Jennifer Lopez had a small clash with a journalist. The latter has in fact addressed the an angry subject: the actress’s relationship with Ben Affleck. alt=”Jennifer Lopez puts in his place a journalist who mentions Ben Affleck” />

Atlas : the new Netflix film

If she also has a career as an international singer, Jennifer Lopezis also well anchored in the audiovisual landscape. At the end of the 1990s she began a career as an actress, first on the small screen then in small roles on the big screen. It was in the thriller Money Train (1995) with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes that she first got noticed. We then find her, throughout her career, in more or less famous films such as Anaconda (1997) Out of reach(1998) with Steven Soberbergh, Never Again(2002), or more recently in < strong>Queen (2019).

Jennifer Lopez puts journalist who brings up Ben Affleck in his place

After The Mother last year, Jennifer Lopez is back on Netflix with < em>Atlas. Produced by by Brad Peyton (San Andreas), the science fiction feature film was released this Friday May 24on the platform. The story tells how Jennifer Lopez's character is sent to the world. into space  to recover a faulty robot.

His relationship with Ben Affleck

In full promotion of Atlas,< /em> Jennifer Lopez created a buzz when she had a clash with a journalist (video below). During a press conference at Mexico with Simu Liu, also in the cast ofAtlas, Jennifer Lopezrebuffed a journalist who asked him a question about his relationship with Ben Affleck. In fact, the two stars remarried two years ago now. But rumors claim that the relationship is not in good shape and that the two American stars are on the verge of divorce. Simu Liu first spoke out to defend his co-star in the film:

Ok, we're not going to do that. Thank you so much. It's not very nice. Come on man, don't come here. the conference with this energy…

Jennifer Lopez puts a journalist back in his place Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez then added:

You know very well that this cannot be done!

The Attaché press then ended the encounter. Before leaving Simu Liu insisted on end on a more pleasant note by talking about Atlas and Jennifer Lopez’s investment in the project:

If I can just end on one thing: Jen is a producer on this film. She's the reason I'm here. Jen wants to this film. Jen cares about things like representation and diversity. Jen is a boss.

Ç She deserves to be clear. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are known to have had a stormy relationship over time. They are already there. dated together in the early 2000s after filming Amours Troubles(2003). Ironically, the film was aptly named since their relationship wasdefrayed. the column has more than one occasion.


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