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The hacker sentenced to pay this record fine does not blame Nintendo

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

It all starts in 2020 with Team Xecuter known for having offered different hack solutions for game consoles. The team must face a challenge. a hard blow whentwo of its members, including Gary Bowser considered like the leader of Team Xecuter, are arrested. Presented à justice and convicted à pay a record fine to Nintendo, the latter was released from prison and has just explained that his conviction was a blessing.

The hacker sentenced to pay this record fine does not blame Nintendo

Gary Bowser was a member of Team Xecuter. Since 2013, he creates and sells Nintendo hacks and even designs a device capable of hacking the Nintendo 3DS. Resident in the Dominican Republic, he is one of the two members of this team of pirates ; getting arrested in 2020. Bowser would have pocketed the money. 320,000 dollars in seven years of activity. Extradited in the United States, the hacker is judged there; for hacking several consoles but mainly the Switch, the Nintendo 3DS and the NES Classic.

The hacker sentenced to pay this record fine does not blame NintendoGary Bowser still owes $10 million to which an order added An additional $4.5 million the Japanese company. The main interested party carried out a first payment of 175 dollars but he is in debt. The hacker will have tocontinue to do so. pay between 25 and 30% of your salary throughout your life; Big Ne. Despite everything, he doesn't want it at all. the Japanese company. On the contrary.

The hacker sentenced to pay this record fine does not blame Nintendo

Gary Bowser considers his conviction a blessing

Recently, Gary Bowser explained that he had not been able to find stable employment his release from prison. He lives on his savings made during incarceration, on his disability allowances and on his disability benefits. following a health problem and on a GoFundMe fundraising campaign opened to help him. Bowser has absolutely no grudge against Nintendo and the amount the company is asking him for:

Life is a path made of choices, I made the wrong choice, that's for sure, but in a certain way, I consider after everything that happened, as a blessing.

Gary Bowser explains that at After his arrest he was in a downward spiral. In the Dominican Republic, he drank too much and gained a lot of weight. After his arrest, he discovered who his real friends were:

The time passed by in prison helped me à solve certain personal problems at home because of which I was drinking every day and now that I am back in Canada, I have been able to reconnect with those who really care about me and love me like friends.

Dé ;from now on,for Bowser, his priorities are his health; and his well-being and one thing is sure: “No more stupid bullshit”.

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