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The world's first

"Smart" gun/NBCNews

Colorado company Biofire Tech is accepting orders for “smart” weapons with facial recognition technology. It is the latest development in the field of personalized weapons that only verified users can fire.

Equipped with fingerprint and facial recognition technologies, this gun promises to revolutionize firearms security. It is mentioned in the NBCNews article.

According to the developers, it will allow only authorized users to shoot. However, questions remain about its effectiveness in real-world settings.

For decades, gun control advocates have championed “smart” gun technology as a possible factor in reducing gun violence.

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“Smart” the

Biofire pistol emphasizes safety, positioning its pistol both for ordinary firearms owners and for those who seek safety and control. The company has also forged ties with gun manufacturers, avoiding any government interference with biometric features.

The cost of the world's first smart gun is $1,499.

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