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Until April 1: Adidas offers to wear boxes instead of sneakers

Boxes instead of sneakers/instagram

On the eve of April Fool's Day, on April 1, brands started releasing funny advertising campaigns. The Adidas sportswear company did not stand aside.

The Adidas company presented an unusual model of sneakers that resembles a shoe box with a cutout for the feet. Box Shoe appeared in the Confirmed app and immediately took the fashion world by storm.

It seems that this time the brand decided to stand out with sneakers designed in the style of its signature blue shoe boxes.

Blurring the lines between product and packaging, these Adidas sneakers are truly out of the box. The rectangular design is reminiscent of the original Adidas shoe box and creates the perfect silhouette for experimental style. Sneakers with massive laces are a spectacular item that will decorate any image, the manufacturer noted.

CLOT creative director Edison Chen, who is also known for his collaborations with Adidas, posted studio shots of the “Box Shoe” on Instagram. He did not specify whether the brand will sell “boxy” shoes, or whether it will be remembered by fans as a funny concept with a single “prototype”.

Probably, all the details will become known no earlier than April 1. For now, the box sneakers can only be found on the Adidas Confirmed app. A separate page has been created there for them.

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