Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

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Young Ukrainian artist LELY45, who is rapidly gaining popularity during a full-scale invasion, presented a new track. It has already been appreciated on the network by admirers of the artist.

Ludmila Bilousova (LELY45) released a new song, which tells about a relationship that began to fade a long time ago. Watch the clip on YouTube.

LELY45 released the song “Stop the Blood” about those relationships that have lost value, leaving behind only despair.

This song about a relationship, about two people who sincerely loved each other, were romantic and sophisticated, but lost it over the years and turned into fatigue and despair of each other, the artist emphasized.

< strong>Watch LELY45's incredible music video “Stop the Blood” here:

The reaction of the network:

  • “Each word hits the soul. Such a close to heart story. After on repeat. Thank you for the opportunity to live and let go of this story”
  • “Something very good came out, at the same time so familiar in feeling and so new. Thank you!”
  • “Finally the world will hear the song! Congratulations on the release”
  • “The extreme chorus goes straight to the heart, Lyudmila, the timbre of your voice is something incredible”
  • “I really want to go to your concert, I hope my little dream will come true soon will come true Thank you for your creativity”

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