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The United States named Crocus as a potential target of a terrorist attack, – WP

In At the beginning of March, the United States warned Russian intelligence services about the threat of a terrorist attack in Russia and pointed to the Crocus City Hall concert hall. as a potential target of an attack.

The Washington Post writes about this with reference to two unnamed American officials.

According to the publication, American intelligence services transmitted information about the impending terrorist attack to the FSB on March 6, for the day before the US Embassy in Russia published a message about a possible threat of a terrorist attack in Moscow.

It was also indicated that a terrorist attack could occur during a concert.

According to one of the newspaper’s sources, the United States also warned the Russian authorities about a possible attack on a synagogue in Moscow.

On March 7, the Russian FSB reported the prevention of a terrorist attack in a Moscow synagogue.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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