Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Biden and Trump won primaries in four states

Photo: Joe Biden and Donald Trump

US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump easily won their party primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin, gaining additional delegates to party conventions.

< p>Their victories, while expected, provide a glimpse into the enthusiasm of both candidates' core electorates ahead of a repeat of the general election showdown between them.

All four states had multiple candidates on the ballot, and in three of them voters could vote for a "candidate with free will" or check the box “I do not support a specific candidate,” reports  Associated Press.

Biden has faced opposition from activists urging Democrats to vote against Biden to express disapproval of his handling of the Israeli-Hamas war.

In Rhode Island, the share of voters those who checked the box “I do not support a particular candidate” turned out to be approximately the same as during protest voting in Minnesota and Michigan, where it was 19% and 13%, respectively.

Trump and Biden switched their attention from The general election primaries were weeks ago when former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley dropped out of the Republican race.

After the State of the Union report to Congress, Biden visited all major swing states in March.

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