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Salt mines of Ukrainian Soledar recreated in Minecraft

Salt mines of Ukrainian Soledar/Minecraft

Europe's largest salt mines of the Ukrainian Soledar were recreated in the universe of the popular computer game Minecraft. The game was called Minesalt. Surprises will await players in the virtual journey.

This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of UNITED24 and the French developer Endorah. This is reported on the platform's official website.

The project will allow to collect funds for the reconstruction of the school, in which 250 children studied before the full-scale war.

16 locations, 500 kilometers of tunnels, many interesting stories and 140 crystals that players have to collect. Since February 2023, Soledar has been occupied by Russia. The purpose of the project – to remind the world about the war in Ukraine and to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Veliko Kostroma gymnasium, which was destroyed by the Russians, – the message says.

The characters of the game became the ambassadors of the UNITED24 platform: Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Nobel Prize laureate in the field of physiology or medicine Paul Nurse, actor Misha Collins, boxer Oleksandr Usyk, astronaut Scott Kelly, football player Oleksandr Zinchenko, actresses Catherine Vinnyk and Ivanna Sakhno. They will accompany the players in the virtual mines of Soledar throughout the story of the game and tell interesting facts about the history of the place.

In addition, one of the characters of the game – Stepan is a real employee of the “Artemsil” salt mining company with ten years of experience.

The developers note that they want as many people as possible to learn about the Ukrainian Soledar. Therefore, surprises will await players in the virtual journey. So at the end it will be necessary to answer questions based on what you saw in the game. The 24 players with the highest score will receive prizes from UNITED24 partners.

Prizes for passing the game:

1-3 places – XBox Series and packs of salt “Mits. Ukrainian stone” with the signature of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

4‒5 places – packs of salt “Mits. Ukrainian stone” with the signature of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

6-13 places – packs of salt with signatures of UNITED24 ambassadors

14‒19 seats – $100 Twitch gift card

20‒24 places – Twitсh gift card for $50

The game is available from March 21, you can play it an unlimited number of times. The winners will be announced after the completion of the project. You can join the project or donate using the link.

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