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The church calendar for April 2024 is Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar23,2024

Church calendar for April 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

Church calendar for April 2024/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

Learn about all the holidays that await Christians according to the church calendar (Orthodox or Greek Catholic) in April 2024.

The church calendar is a system that combines the annual cycle of transitional holidays (linked to Easter) and the cycle of non-transitional holidays and weekdays. The whole life of illiterate peasants was focused on the liturgical calendar. All the days that are important to them were not associated with the month and number, but with one or another saint. For example, beehives were exhibited in apiaries on Zosyma. Yes, people's lives were governed by the church calendar. Fasting is also of great importance for believers. Regardless of religion, the calendar is important for observing fasts, both Great and one-day fasts, as well as church holidays.

Please note that Ukraine has switched to the New Julian calendar. So the dates of the usual holidays were shifted to 2024. Therefore, Orthodox and Greek Catholic believers will celebrate them at the same time.

All holidays in the Orthodox calendar for April 2024

The church calendar will tell Orthodox believers about important holidays:

April 1 – Saint Mary of Egypt.
April 2 – Reverend Titus the Miracle Worker.
April 3 – Reverend Nikita the Confessor, Abbot of Mydykii.
April 4 – Reverend Joseph the Songwriter; Saints George and Zosym.
April 5 – Martyrs Agaphodos, deacon; Saints Mark and Plato.
April 6 – Archbishop Eutychius and Martyr Jeremiah.
April 7 – Saints George and Daniel.
April 8 – the day of memory of the Apostles from Herodion's 70th.
April 9 – Martyr Eupsychios.
April 10 – Martyrs Terentius, Pompey, Maximus, Zeno and others.
April 11 – hieromartyr Antipas, bishop of Pergamum of Asia.
April 12 – venerable Basil, confessor, bishop of Paria.
13 April – the day of memory of the holy martyr Artemon.
April 14 – St. Martin, the confessor, the Pope of Rome.
April 15 – apostles of the 70 Aristarchus, Pud and Trochymus, martyrs Vasilyna, Anastasia and others.
April 16 – martyrs Agapia, Irina, Chionia, Galina and Vasilisa.< br> April 17 – holy martyr Simeon, bishop of Persia; Saint Akakiy.
April 18 – Saint Saint Ivan, disciple of Saint Gregory the Decapolis.
April 19 – Saint Ivan Pechernyk.
April 20 – Reverend Theodore Trikhina.
April 21 – Holy Martyr Januarius.
April 22 – Reverend Theodore Sikeot and Vitaly.
April 23 strong> – Great Martyr George (Yuri) the Victorious.
April 24 – Martyr Sava Stratilatus.
April 25 – Saint Mark the Apostle.
April 26 – Holy Martyr Basil, Bishop of Amasia.
April 27 – Holy Martyr Simeon, Venerable Stephen, Bishop of Volhynia.
April 28 – Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, Verbna Sunday; martyrs Maximus and Dada.
April 29
– holy nine martyrs in Kyzytsia; Saint Memnon.
April 30 – St. James the Apostle.

Church calendar for April 2024 – Orthodox and Greek Catholic

April 28 – Palm Sunday/Photo by Eva

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