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Preparing for a fight: a photo of the French president in a boxing ring got into the network

Emmanuel Macron/instagram

The personal photographer of the French President Soazig de la Moissonnier published pictures of Emmanuel Macron during boxing training. The photo received almost 11,000 likes and many comments, including from Russians, in a day.

In the photos, the French president shows off his muscles in front of a punching bag. These photos became the subject of heated discussions in the French and world media. Some speak of Macron's respect and strength, while others scoff.

The photos came days after Macron sharpened his rhetoric about the Kremlin. The French president warned that if Ukraine loses the war due to insufficient support, Russia will begin to expand its aggression to other countries, including Poland, Romania and Moldova. In addition, Macron indicated the possibility of introducing French troops into Ukraine.

Photographs of Macron in front of a punching bag were also hotly discussed in social networks. There, they actively believe that the French president is thus sending a signal to Putin that he is ready to fight. Others joked that they would like to see a fight between the presidents.

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