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Top 5 Android factory tweaks that increase battery life and speed up your smartphone are named

No matter how many videos you watch and how many articles you read about Android performance, none of they don't work. There is no need to download additional applications to increase the performance of the smartphone, everything is in the factory settings.

I found five Android tweaks that slow down my smartphone. These settings use CPU, RAM, and battery resources.

Share with others

To turn off these settings, you need to go to “Settings” and then to the “Google” section. Then you need to click on “Device & Data Sharing” and then on “Share with Others”. The slider at the top is probably already turned off, but you need to turn off the cross-device sharing option at the bottom.

Read what's written here and you'll understand why. Your phone is constantly scanning your environment for available connections, such as Bluetooth, Internet, and Wi-Fi. Did you know that your phone is constantly searching for other devices? Turn it off.


Exit here. Then exit again and find the item “Ads”. Thanks to this point, a series of memes appeared in which your phone listens to you and shows ads for what you talked about or searched on the Internet.

To ensure the privacy of ads, you need to turn off three points: ad topics, ads, shown by apps and ad performance ratings.

If you dig deeper, you will see what they collected and what they shared. But the most important thing – you never know who it's made for. And most importantly, all this uses almost all the resources of the device to work. This affects operating system performance and battery charge cycles.

Browser Harmful Settings

The following harmful settings are found in the Google Chrome browser itself. Go to Settings and then to Site Settings. Here you will see virtual reality and its features. There are a few people responsible for making VR work right: if you're reading an article about VR or AR devices, especially Apple Vision, tell us people what it's about.

Turn off virtual reality, take a step back and see that the next option is augmented reality. Let's see what this function does. It requests permission from the website, creates a 3D map of where you are, and tracks your camera position. As mentioned, it is even recommended to turn it on. But you can imagine how much resources it uses.

You still need to turn on one item, so go back to the beginning, search for ads, and make sure everything is turned off. Let's see what this option does: it blocks ads on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads. For some reason, this option is disabled by default. Amazing, isn't it? Enable it.

So, we have covered the main Android settings that slow down your phone. These include Google's hidden settings, personalized ads, and virtual reality features.

Disabling these settings can significantly improve your device's performance and save battery life. This will also help protect your privacy.

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