Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Developers from China invented a drone that can operate without an operator for 6 months

The Chinese company DJI introduced the Dock 2 system, which contains a Matrice 3D or 3TD drone that can autonomously perform mission for six months. The system is designed to automate tasks such as taking photos, inspection and security.

Dock 2 weighs 34 kg and is 56.8 58cm in wide by 46.4 cm in height, which makes it 75% smaller and 68% lighter compared to a similar system of the previous generation. The system is equipped with vision sensors that allow you to assess the deployment location before launching the drone, significantly speeding up the location selection process to 12 minutes.

Maintenance of the system is required only once every six months. Dock 2 has an IP55 protection class and uses sensors to measure rainfall, wind speed and temperature in real time. If the weather is bad, the system sends an alert to the DJI FlightHub 2 app and the drone can be delayed.

Interior and exterior lenses display real-time conditions inside and outside the station, allowing remote operators to observe weather conditions and take-off and landing situations. After returning, the drone is automatically charged via a wireless network.

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