Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The hydrogen train of the Swiss company traveled 2.8 thousand km without refueling

The hydrogen-fueled train of the Flirt H2 modification, designed and built by the Swiss concern Stadler, covered 2,803 kilometers without refueling at the base of the test center in the American state of Colorado.

As reported by Ukrinform, this was reported on the website of the Swiss company.

“The Stadler company is pleased to announce its entry in the Guinness Book of Records database. FLIRT H2 achieved the world record for the longest distance of 2 803 kilometers (1,741.7 miles) that a hydrogen-fueled passenger train traveled without refueling or recharging, the report says. in 2022. Innovative solutions were first thoroughly tested in Switzerland, and recently at a special test site in the state of Colorado (USA). tracks Expert teams from Stadler and ENSCO continued through the night and the next day in shifts and completed the successful test on March 22, 2024 at 17:23 CET (March 23, 2024 at 00:23 CET). In total, the train traveled 2,803 kilometers (1,741.7 miles) in 46 hours on one tank of fuel,” the message reads.

As reported, in December 2021, the Stadler FLIRT Akku train, which runs on rechargeable batteries, set the world record for the longest train trip on pure batteries, traveling 224 kilometers in Germany.

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