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The show “Bachelor” returns to STB: who will be the new hero

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

The show

Oleksandr “Teren” Budko/Press Service

At a time when they are trying to take away the most valuable from us, we love stubbornly and passionately, more than ever. Love gives us the strength to fight, believe and wait for the moment when we embrace each other. That is why there should be love this year!

The main romantic reality show of the country is returning to the TV channel STB. Oleksandr “Teren” Budko, a military man, veteran, public figure, author of the book “The Story of a Stubborn Man” and a member of the Invictus Games national team, became a new bachelor.

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On February 24, 2022, Oleksandr volunteered to defend the country, and soon became a platoon commander of the 49th separate rifle battalion “Karpatska Sich” with the call sign “Teren”. A severe wound in the battles for the Kharkiv region, the loss of both limbs, prosthetics and complex rehabilitation did not stop Teren on the way to his dreams.

Our team got to know Sasha last summer while filming an interview for the STB project “Invincible”. First, his charisma entered the set, and then Sasha himself. His confidence and incredible sense of humor make you fall in love at first sight. After seeing the girls' reaction to Sashka last year, they understood – this is our candidate for the new “Bachelor”. This fall, together with “The Bachelor”, we will not only immerse ourselves in a new love story, but also form a national culture friendly to veterans, said Lidia Pankiv, Marketing Director of STB TV channel.

An active lifestyle, overcoming internal and external barriers, development of inclusion in Ukraine and assistance in the socialization of veterans after returning from the front are among the goals of Teren's activities.

The show

Oleksandr ” Teren” Budko

Today his name is known not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. He is a medalist in swimming at the international sports competitions “Games of the Invincibles”, co-author and host of the famous YouTube project “Leg Dump, or All Inclusive”. Co-author of charitable limited collections of jewelry and clothing, the proceeds from the sale of which are directed to the needs of the Defense Forces.

He also danced with the artists of the United Ukrainian Ballet troupe on stage in California (USA). The movie “Front Row” was made about him, which was produced by the American star Sarah Jessica Parker. He is admired by the British royal family and applauded by Cannes, etc.

For me, being a bachelor is a chance to meet someone with whom I want to try to start a family, Teren admits. – I know from my own experience that you can expect a miracle from everywhere, and I believe that you can find love on a TV project. Of course, this is also a cool opportunity to broadcast a lot of good and positive ideas that change us for the better. I'm not looking for an ideal. I am looking for someone whose inner world I will admire. I am interested in intelligent, progressive girls with whom I can easily talk about any topic. Who genuinely respond to jokes, because I joke a lot and sometimes quite atypically.

According to the soldier, he is very impressed when a girl seeks changes in herself and in society. It is important to him that she be Ukrainian-speaking, support all the ideas of a united, cathedral-like, strong Ukraine without any doubts. That it should be a person with high respect for veterans, who is not indifferent to the topics of barrier-free and inclusive space.

For the first time in all seasons STB TV channel simultaneously announces the name of the bachelor and invites to the project girls who want to build a relationship with Teren.

Questionnaire for girls at the link:< /p>

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