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Quotes about an embroidered shirt: beautiful words and expressions about an embroidered shirt

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Quotes about an embroidered shirt: beautiful words and expressions about an embroidered shirt

To We offer beautiful words and expressions for Vyshyvanka Day/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

Ukrainians celebrate Vyshyvanka Day on May 16. It's not just a holiday when we dress up in embroidered shirts. This is the day when we demonstrate our unity and devotion to the state. And on the occasion of this holiday, we offer you quotes and beautiful words about vyshyvanka.

Let these words inspire you to wear vyshyvanka not only on May 16. Remember that an embroidered shirt is not just a wardrobe item that has become particularly popular in recent years. This is an opportunity to feel the connection with your ancestors and return to your roots. Therefore, wear the embroidered shirt with dignity and remember that you are Ukrainian.

Beautiful words and proverbs about an embroidered dress for the holiday

  • A poor man strives for a shirt, and a rich man shuns a coat.
  • As a mother has a baby, so does a white shirt.
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  • Sleeves are like an Easter egg, and the face is like a poppy flower.
  • If you want a shirt, you don't have to yawn.
  • For Easter, a shirt, even if it's thin, should be white.
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  • From the world, a bare shirt is a thread.
  • Shame on those rich people who have many shirts, but I have only one, and a white one every day.
  • Boys recognize even in a tattered shirt , so that the skirts are embroidered.
  • Our landlady has a hundred shirts each, and I have one – this and that white every day.
  • As it is Sunday, the shirt is also white.
  • If the rain wets the shirt I put on for the first time – to wealth.
  • If mice have gnawed through your shirt – you will have weakness in your legs.
  • If you have caught and torn your shirt – you may be ashamed.
  • You cannot leave soaked shirts because Sunday, so that there are no captives in the family.
  • To be beautiful and clean in appearance, you need to return at sunset and rub your back.

Quotes about embroidered shirt: beautiful words and expressions about embroidered shirt

< h2>Prominent Ukrainians about vyshyvanka

Vysyvanka is the genetic code of the nation

This saying is now known to all of us, and has already become popular. And these words belong to Lesya Voroniuk, who is the founder of the Vyshyvanka holiday.

Vyshyvanka for me is pride for the beauty of my country!

These words belong to Vyacheslav Uzelkov, a Ukrainian boxer. He voiced them when he went out in an embroidered shirt before the fight.

An embroidered shirt for me is a shirt made by my mother's hands!

This was said by Vasyl Virastyuk, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine. He also likes to appear in public in national dress.

Vysyvanka is a document of the Ukrainian people! This is a charm! All the magic, love and history of each region of my beloved country are in the ornaments!

Ksyusha Zhdanova-Formanchuk, a theater and film actress, described her awe-inspiring attitude about an embroidered shirt with these words.

For me, an embroidered shirt is a symbol of the beauty and national identity of the Ukrainian people

Words of Ulyana Smirnova, world champion in karate, who also likes to appear in an embroidered shirt.

Quotes about an embroidered shirt: beautiful words and expressions about an embroidered shirt

Excerpts of poems about needlewomen

Mother embroidered with blue threads, –
cornflowers bloomed wildly among the rye.
Mother took a little red thread, –
poppies lit up among the wheat in summer.
I embroidered a shirt charm for my son.

Author: Lesya Vozniuk


Let's wear embroidered shirts, my friend,
Let the world see Ukrainians –
Young, brave, strong,
United for many years.

Author: Vasyl Derii

** *

An old shirt, as old as the war.
Our shirt, embroidered with crosses.
She remembers the past wars,
Pain and flowers have not faded over the years.

Author: Ruslana Lotsman and my mother's look,
And my father's words of guidance,
And a Ukrainian lullaby,
And the dawns are fantastic in the fields…
I put on my embroidered dress again,
And my heart in my chest is like a free bird !

Author: Viktoria Chornii

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