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The residence of the Prime Minister of Libya was shelled with grenade launchers

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr1,2024

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<< p>The residence of Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibi was shelled on the 31st week of March, with grenade launchers, and there were no casualties, the Libyan minister told Reuters.

Min istr, who speaks in the minds of anonymity, having confirmed with his acquaintance that the attack had caused little harm. We have not disclosed other details.

Two citizens said that they felt massive bulges in the sea in the elite region of Tripoli Hay Andalus, where the residence of Prime Minister Dbeibi is located.

One community nin It is believed that after the mass vibuks began to lull, the important technology of the security forces flared up in the area.

The order of national unity Having started work in 2021, the hope is to unite the country, pro-parliament at the meeting Levi stopped recognizing him Legitimacy ended up being the same fate after the recent attempt to hold national elections, which led to a nasty political mess.

At the beginning of the crisis, three leaders said that they had given up out of “necessity.” o; the formation of a new united order, which would control the holding of final elections.

The order was not to transfer power to the new order without holding extra-national elections.

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